Submitted abstracts can be viewed by the corresponding submitting author at: https://eapc2021.abstractserver.com/submission 

If you have any questions related to your abstract please contact the congress coordinator: claudia.suetfeld@eapcnet.eu 

The Scientific Committee build a considerable part of the conference programme on submitted abstracts. For this reason, the abstract deadline is set early.
There will be three types of presentations:
• Oral presentation
• Poster presentation with accompanying 2 minute video
• Poster presentation
There will be dedicated time in the EAPC 2021 online conference for poster viewing, and all posters (with or without 2 minute video) may be selected for prizes and for dedicated Poster commentary / discussion sessions. We will ask the presenting author to be present online for these sessions, to answer questions.
All accepted abstracts (both oral and poster presentations) will be available in a special online only issue of the Palliative Medicine. Authors have the option to publish an email address with the abstract to enable interested parties to contact them directly. The email address will be the one given when submitting the abstract.

Criteria for abstract submission

Authors should remember that the abstract allows the reviewers and the Scientific Committee to make an informed decision about the quality of the work and its suitability for inclusion in the scientific programme. Abstracts also provide conference participants with written information about each presentation.

  • The abstract text cannot exceed 2000 characters (incl. spaces, excl. title and authors).
  • Abstracts must be written in English, explained abbreviations may be used. Please check spelling and grammar carefully as this may impact on reviewer’s decisions regarding acceptance.
  • The abstract text must not contain any information about the presenters or institutions involved, to facilitate the blind review process.
  • The number of authors should not exceed twelve.
  • References are not required. If supplied, they must be included in the character count.
  • Although case reports will be considered by the scientific committee, such abstracts will be given a low priority.
  • Abstracts reporting on studies at a very early stage or study protocols will not be accepted.
  • Drugs should be referred to by their generic name. The use of trade names should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
  • Only one table may be included per abstract.
  • The main source of funding of a study should be indicated at the end of the abstract.
  • The abstract must not have been published at any international congress before.
  • The abstract must not have been published in any international or national journal.

Abstracts of empirical studies, secondary analysis and systematic reviews should be structured and should outline the:
• Background
• Aims
• Methods (design, data collection, analysis)
• Results
• Conclusion / Discussion

Abstracts for NON empirical work must outline the:
• Aim or goal of the work
• Design, methods and approach taken
• Results
• Conclusion / lessons learned

Abstract categories/Thematic tracks

The Scientific Committee have prepared a list of thematic tracks in order to group the abstracts into various themes. Many abstracts may fit more than one track but a single category should be selected. Accepted abstracts may be re-categorised by the scientific committee in order to shape the final programme.
Authors must choose one thematic track from the following lists that most closely describes the content of their submission:

A Innovation & new technologies
B Pain & symptom management
C Informal & formal caregivers
D Older people
E Education & advocacy
F Ethics, policy and law
G Disadvantaged populations
H Psychological, social & spiritual care
I Paediatric palliative care
J Public Health & Epidemiology
K Policy, including international developments
L Development and organisation of services
M Primary and integrated care
N Communication
O Bereavement
P Volunteering
Q Research methodology and methods

Presentation type

Authors have indicated if they are willing to give an oral presentation if their abstract is chosen.
The final decision about the type of presentation will be made by the Scientific Committee.