Parallel Session Presenter Guidance

Presentations will be pre-recorded using video conferencing software with support from our technical team. Presenters have been invited to book themselves in to a 30 minute facilitated recording slot between 6th April and 30th June (your presentation will then be uploaded onto the platform by the congress staff). We will try our best to accommodate presenters who have difficultly in finding an appropriate booking slot. If you have not received an email providing a link to access the online booking system please email for support.

Slide Format

Presentations can be a maximum of 15 minutes in duration using up to 15 slides in a 16:9 format. We have provided a front slide for congress branding purposes.  EAPC_ConferenceSlide-template 2021

Slide Content

  • Use high-contrast lettering and readable fonts (minimum font size of 24).
  • Use standard Windows fonts only.
  • Use high-contrast colours (dark text on a light background or vice versa).
  • A maximum of 7 lines per slide and 5 words per line is recommended.